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by Lorenzo Meroni 19 Mar 2020 6 Comments

Hello All!Don't need to tell anyone these are some crazy times. We all are going thru our own things in our own way.As lots of us are basically on lockdown, hopefully we can all get thru this with some sanity and compassion besides just toilet paper.Long story short, my dad will be 91 next month. He had two operations at the end of last year and then fell and broke his neck at the beginning of the year. He just got out of the hospital and rehabilitation center and is back home now, but know what this virus can do to him and my mom.Our tour manager's family is in lockdown in Italy and he doesn't know when he will be able to see them.I went on and on about the people that we work with all around the world and how they are in basic lockdown, but decided to stop and leave it at this... you may not know the people, but we all have lots in common...Friends who have businesses they don't know what's gonna happen. People out of work that don't know how long. On and on. Lots of people going thru the same thing and others with unique situations that are made extremely difficult... And of course the unknown is the toughest for lots of us.As for the band, as you know lots of tours and festivals have and will be postponed or cancelled. Promoters are scrambling and we will let you know more as we find out.Hopefully we'll all get thru this and we'll all learn something. I don't want to make this about right or wrong or what who should do what or not do. Just say, be safe and do what you can for your loved ones and when you can for those that don't have any to help them.Lastly, since we are basically on lockdown here, we discussed doing some things we probably wouldn't have or didn't have time to...Ra and I got in the studio and did a new version of "Scream out" from the album "Freedumb" in Spanish. Being from Chile, Ra took extra pride in this and being that my Spanish is "no bueno" I did my best and hopefully it will come across in a good way. I sure know it was good to "gritarlo", scream my lungs out again in any language.Also, they say it's good to know when to be quiet... And in the past we have done a few instrumental tracks. Now we are finishing those up and gonna do an old school vinyl release with songs from ST members and people related to ST.Ra is doing a bass instrumental of "Gonna be Alright". Dean Pleasants is doing a guitar instrumental of "This World". Ben Weinman is doing a guitar instrumental of "Happy Never After". Also on Bass we have instrumental tracks from Josh Paul, Bubby Lewis and Saya Gray. Tim Stewart and Ricky Tillo from "thebandknives". Plus two cover songs: 22 below with, "Monopoly on Sorrow" and Nisha STar doing "Asleep at the wheel".Ra will be doing some "interviews" with all involved and get some behind the scenes input. Hopefully you'll enjoy this project and we will have more info soon.Lastly, the artist of the month for March will Mark Geltch from Australia. Mark did the "World Gone Mad" cover and back cover of "13", etc. Mark choose to do a design for "Heaven" off the album "Freedumb". We will post a video he made about it this week, which includes an acoustic version of the song "Heaven" sung by Nisha STar and acoustic guitar by Tim Stewart.Thanx to all for the continued support.STay Safe, STay Sane, STay Cyco!

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13 Apr 2020 Eddie Lalo. Majorski

Hey Mike best of luck, lots of love to you and your family been a fan for many years I was 20 in 1980 when all this started your music I mean so do the math lol!! Venice was the hangout back in the day!! Peace!!

08 Apr 2020 Chucky Becerra

Well Cyco man..what can I say?, Here in the pacific side of México the skate parks are closed, the gyms are closed and more recently the beaches. Just saw an outer reef breaking so It´s pumping. Problem is that is very hard to dodge the military, the marines, the local police, the state police, the federales and the national guard. Still there are some secret spots that are worth the crusade to get there. Am I gonna try?? hehehe, Hell yes!.

Have an 17 year old boy that lives with his mom 3 hours away from here. Very talented guitar player but he is very frustrated that his mom wouldnt let him go out because of this damn virus that the only good thing it has is its name (corona). He is a young cholo that already surfs, skates and plays guitar so he is in the right path. Anyway, he was feeling locked and ask me for advice by whatssap..Instead of advice I sent him the Institucionalized video and he went loco right away…he told me he could´t be more related to any other video hehehe and just tripped on the music. Next thing you know, the kid sent me the slam city and one of the clap like ozzy videos..guess we have another V13 thrasher here. Will buy some ST stuff for the kid as he earnt it. Look forward to hear the spanish language song with Ra. Saludos amigo y siga trasheando.

08 Apr 2020 Melissa Mestas

Hey Mike, sending my love and prayers for you and your family! I hope your dad gets well soon and doesn’t have to take many trips out of his home. I’m sure you’re taking good care of him. I cant wait til this is all over and our lives can get back to normal. Don’t we all? I hope when this is over we all get to let loose and have a real world gone mad party at an SxTx show!! Much love- Melissa

08 Apr 2020 Eloy Lopez

Keep your heads up, keep on jammin’, we will ALL get thru this, stay positive, and STAY CYCO!!!!

08 Apr 2020 Lisa

Loved the band on Megacruise! Hope to see you all again soon!

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