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by Lorenzo Meroni 13 Mar 2020 1 comment
Let me just steal you a second wishing you all the best.
We all are overwhelmed with news and crazy scenarios so we really hope you're all doing well and safe out there.
A quite note to let you know that no matter what restrictions will be announced we'll be able to operate at full force anyways.
The Cyco compound includes our studio, printing facility, warehouse and offices...and ourselves. Due to that we'll be able to continue to operate 100% during these hard times and keeping on fulfilling orders in 24h max and shipping daily.
That said let's get back to the main subject of this.
We have added two classic artworks to our wall banners!
'Send Me Your Money' was one of our classic artwork straight out of our record 'Lights Camera Revolution' and now available on these high quality 3x3' wall banners. If you old enough I'm sure you'll remember this amazing piece of art.
And we wanted to celebrate our own Venice re running the amazing Michael Seiff (RIP) artwork 'Venice Skater'. This dates back to the 80's, a classic from Michael himself to celebrate the cyco punk scene back then and DogTown.
And yes we have restocked the classic 'Feel Like Shit' and 'STill Cyco Punk' banners as well.
STay CYCO and be safe out there!
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1 comment

20 Mar 2020 Bruce Smythe

Hey Mike I read what you wrote
Thanks man !! Like what you said were all going through it. …..just wanted to let you know
That I’m praying for your Dad and Mom 🙏
I can totally relate God bless you and keep
The faith we will be okay Psalm 91 , Isiah 41:10

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