JER-03 Jersey Basketball

Jersey Basketball JER-03 

Classic Suicidal 13 Basketball Jersey. 100% poly.

Our new Basketball Jerseys have a slim-tight fit, go up one size for a more relaxed fit.

Custom made, comes with custom Suicidal Tendencies tag. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Michael McCloskey

Love it!!! Fit as expected.. Within moments of putting it on I became smarter, better looking, and mildly intelligent...

charles duncan
awesome jersy

cool for callifornia all year, and really durable, oh ya came with a giant S.T. sticker for my cooler

Simon Hurford

Definately a great jersey but its too small, by the feel the LG i ordered is more a small, i would go 2 sizes up...i live in Australia so i hope i can send them back for the right size.

Clint Greenlee

Not only did I get the jersey but they also sent a large Suicidal Tendencies sticker FOC.


Good Quality. Would order again.

Paul Adams
These things last forever...

I bought one of these back in the UK maybe 15 years ago. It was too big for me then even though I got M, still is, but who cares? Point is I'm still wearing it today. Lettering is getting frayed around the edges, but damn. I've had it while living in Scotland, Thailand, and now Taiwan. This thing would probably survive a nuclear blast!


cant wear it. i wear a XXL so i ordered a XXXl and its still too small.. fits like an XL. really needed it for a thing next weekend.. have to send it back now.. oh well

Robyn Penor

It fit well

Christopher Dreyer
Great Jersey! Just get one size bigger

So normally I wear a size 2XL in normal t-shirts. That's the size I ordered for this jersey (I ordered the white one). It fits but it's a bit snug, which is something I can take care of if I lose 15-20 pounds. However, I would recommend one size up if you want a more loose fit.

Great for hot weather

I got 2 : black one (bought in 2010) and a white one (order here last year). the black one is stil great even after wahs it. But the white one begins to have letters/numbers erase after the second wash. Guess we don't have to wash it with teh machine

Except it, the looks is great (loved the white one !). XL is fits well for me (to compared it, I buy XL Hanes tee shirt but L for the Base ball tee shirt)