'Get Your Fight On!' LP TRANSLUCENT YELLOW + Sticker

'Get Your Fight On!' LP TRANSLUCENT YELLOW + Sticker
The new SxTx EP is the second release for the band with Dave Lombardo on drums (Dead Cross, Slayer, Phantomas, GripInc), Ra Diaz on bass and Jeff Pogan on guitars and will anticipate a full length album set to release this coming summer.
The 10 songs effort includes new tracks, the first ever cover song from the band for classic Iggy Pop's song 'I Got A Right', a stunning artwork by artist Mike Strachan and much much more!
In Mike's own words : "This ExPx is different in several ways. Where as originally this was gonna be the set up to 'World Gone Mad' which was released in September 2016, now it's more of an ending to 'World Gone Mad' and tie over till 'STill Cyco Punk After All These Years'."

Suicidal Tendencies - Get Your Fight On! LP - Includes Download Card

  1. Nothin To Lose
  2. Get United
  3. iAuthority
  4. Ain't Mess'n Around
  5. S.E.D.
  6. I got a Right
  7. Get your Right On!
  8. Get your Bass On!
  9. Get your Shred On!
  10. Get your Fight On!

To be released March 19th 2018. Suicidal Records. Ingrooves Distribution