'STill Cyco Punk After All These Years' LP - PURPLE WITH DOWNL CARD (Shipping Charges Included)

'STill Cyco Punk After All These Years' LP - PURPLE WITH DOWNL CARD (Shipping Charges Included)
In the early 80’s when Suicidal Tendencies started, punk rock was not very welcoming to “new ideas”, especially from a new crew that were obviously not worried about fitting in.
But SxTx wasn’t there to be “accepted” and not only played their own STyle of Cyco Punk, but reinvented the DYI attitude to a level never seen before with their distinctive look and sound.
For 35 years ST hasn’t worried about what other bands or people were or weren’t doing. About what was cool or trendy at the time. They didn’t ask for permission, nor did they care who it offended. They did what they wanted, but most importantly for the right reason, cause it’s what they felt, not cause they wanted to be liked.
That didn’t make things easy. They were banned in L.A., Police riots and harassed by various "Authorities" and even the Secret Service got into the act, "dropping in" and paying singer Mike Muir a "visit".
Soon after the PMRC got into the act. As would many others, but the music played on, and ST became the soundtrack to an army of Cyco’s Worldwide…to Punx, Thrashers, Metallers, Skaters, Surfers, Moto and other extreme athletes all found motivation in the ST sound to stand on their own and blaze their own trail.
Cyco Punk Lives on! There’s no time machine to go back (and thank goodness for that).
This will be a full on Cyco Punk record taken to a whole new level with the legendary drummer Dave Lombardo brutally beating the songs and sound that is made to get your Slam On!
Suicyco Mutha Fucka! You’ve been warned.

Suicidal Tendencies - STill Cyco Punk After All These Years

    I Love Destruction   3:02 
    F.U.B.A.R.     2:32
    All Kinda Crazy   4:51 
    Sippin' From the Insanitea   4:19 
    Its Always Something   3:30 
    Lost My Brain...Once Again   3:54 
    Nothin' To Lose    3:55 
    Gonna Be Alright   4:19 
    Ain't Gonna Get Me   3:25
    All I Ever Get     3:02 
    Save A Peace For Me   5:58 

      September 7th 2018. Suicidal Records. Ingrooves Distribution

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      Customer Reviews

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      Cadillac Zack Richardson
      SxTx for life!

      I scored this LP at the Garden on Halloween night for $20! I carried it around all night, spilt a beer on it (still had the plastic on it) got into a fight in the parking lot getting our car but got it home and opened it the next day for a listen and found the coolest gift inside. A cool ass ST businesses card with instructions and a code for a free digital download of the album. That was a cool bonus. I found the first stranger to compliment my Dixon ST and gave it to him. I have to ask, does every album come with that? Anyhow, thank you guys for another kick ass show. Maybe see you all in Vegas!

      Danny Jast
      Can't wait to listen to it, it's been a wh...

      Can't wait to listen to it, it's been a while.

      William Mofield
      Loved it

      Love this record. Really reminded me of some of the early ST. Especially how will I laugh tomorrow era