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by Lorenzo Meroni 08 Feb 2017 4 Comments

Thanx to all our EU fans for the overwhelming response during the persistence Tour!
We always honored to be part of it and definitely worth the hard work due to the tight schedule etc. Thanx to MAD, Agnostic Front, Municipal Waste, Walls Of Jericho, Down To Nothing, Mizery and Burn all crew and all venues you made this one a unique trip. Thanx!
Just a couple of weeks and we're out in US for the second leg of the World Gone Mad tour. Make sure to check out out tour section HERE for all the info and ticket links. Not much time left to score your tickets for some of the shows so make sure to grab your now!
Opening bands will be Crowbar and Havok. A must see! US... Let's Slam Dance!

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12 Mar 2017 Mario Alaniz

Went to the Salt Lake show at the complex. It kicked ass!!!! Was nice to see a younger generation at the show too. Suicidal reaches all.

21 Feb 2017 KARI PENA

YOU CAN’T BRING ME DOWN! My anthem in the 80’s. That song saved my life, for sure. Mike Muir spoke to me through his lyrics. ‘Nobody Hears’…fuck, that was exactly what I needed during rough time in the 80’s. Thank you guys. I’m trying to get VIP tickets at the Observatory in SD. WISH ME LUCK! XXXOOO

10 Feb 2017 Holly Isaac

ST girl for life! See y’all 2/23 hell yes!

09 Feb 2017 Theodore Voiss

I’m going to be at the Complex in Salt Lake City, UT. on March 11th for the show…why no VIP or Meet and Greet Packages? There’s a lot of us that would pay for that, Even if it’s just me and my two friends that are with would be okay :-)

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