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by Lorenzo Meroni 06 May 2020 3 Comments
Join the Suicidal Futobl Club worldwide team with our first ever brand new soccer Jerseys!
These high quality Jerseys come in three colors for a full kit range :
home, away and third kit jersey!
100% polyester wicking smooth knit body with true hue technology® that helps quick dry
92% polyester/8% spandex wicking pinhole mesh sleeves and inserts with true hue technology®
Wicks moisture
Three piece overlapping collar construction lays flat while allowing movement for extra comfort
Contrast color inserts
Modified raglan sleeves
Join the team and support your Cyco colors worldwide!

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29 May 2020 Robert Duffy

I hate being poor lol I wish I could buy these absolutely, SUPREMELY, Cyco Jerseys!

13 May 2020 Charles Butman

I need these in my closet asap.

13 May 2020 Paul Adams

Loving this design even though I’m not a football fan and probably gonna pick one up. Gotta ask though – you’ve got basketball, baseball, football, softball (and of course skating). Any plans to do any cycling gear? I’m going to cycle around Taiwan this summer seeing as I can’t realistically leave the country. WOuld have been awesome to have had some Cyco gear for the journey.

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