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by Lorenzo Meroni 02 Nov 2020 1 comment
For our new Wall Banners drop we have focused on some artwork that so many of you have requested.

This new run includes some of the most iconic artworks, from the classic Join The Army to the newest World Gone Mad. And what about the classic You Can't Bring Me Down Electric Chair from the 90's?
These new Wall banners are now available along with a restock of all the ones that were previously released.

Printed on a high quality 100% poly cloth with metal rings in each corner for an easy and perfect set up. Sizes ranges from a 3x3 feet to a 4x4, check items descriptions for all the info.

It's time to give your walls a CYCO twist getting ready for the Holidays!
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1 comment

20 Nov 2020 Lesley Haga-Bennett

I saw you guys at the Salem Armory with Mega death way back in 1990,It was Awesome!!!! I took my little brother,and every time I visit him,he plays me some ST!!!Kick Ass!!!!Still my favorite band of all time!!! I’m 52 and I still blast your tunes hoping that it annoys my neighbors….

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