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by Lorenzo Meroni 13 Apr 2020 0 Comments
Adam Siegel- Artist of the month.
The ArtiST of the month continues with the multi talented Adam Seigel as the ArtiST of the month for April.
Adam was originally featured on the one and only classic "Welcome to Venice" compilation that came in 1985 featuring the classic artwork by the incredible artist Michael Seiff.
Adam was guitarist for Excel, one of the bands appearing on the compilation, which also included No Mercy, Beowulf, Los Cycos and of course Suicidal Tendencies.
Adam later joined Infectious Grooves on guitar, along with Dean Pleasants (and later played with many other including My Head and The Eels) and did all the original Infectious Grooves artwork including "The Plague that makes your booty move" album cover, as well as Sarsippius Ark, Groove Family Cyco and Borracho.
Adam also did the Suicidal Tendencies album covers for both "Freedumb" and "Free your Soul and Save my Mind".
Then in 1990 he did the artwork for the "Send Me Your Money" t-shirt, a song off SxTx's "Lights, Camera, Revolution"
Long out of print, we are bringing this classic art back. Full 11 colors on t-shirt and also our first ever full color waterproof windbreaker.
Adam is an still doing art and playing writing and recording music and is one of the nicest, moST talented people you will ever meet.
Please check out the newly reintroduced "$end me your Money" collection and huge thanks to Adam Siegel.
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