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by Lorenzo Meroni 18 Apr 2022 1 comment
November 17th 2019 Infectious Grooves played it's first show in many years, headlining a festival in Sao Paulo Brasil at
Parque da Juventude. The park has quite a history as it was previously the location of a notorious prison (definitely worth a google search when you have a moment).
The gig was a definitely a great time and we all has a blast. It lead to several calls about other festivals including Hellfest in France and our own headlining gig at the Warfield in S.F. etc., which were all booked and then later unfortunately cancelled due to Covid, but you know that story.
Anyhow, I was back in Brasil with SxTx to play another festival at Sao Bernardo Do Campo for the Grand reopening of the Skate Park there December 8th 2019 .
While I was in Brasil, Robert got a call from the people from "Record Store Day". They asked if IG could put something together for the next Record Store day.
Robert called and told me about it and said, "let's record a new song or two and make it happen".
"Sure, sounds great!", I probably said, lol.
When I got back from Brasil and Robert said he was gonna send some ideas, and also, he just talked to them about time line and we'd need to go into the studio to sing January 1st so we could make the time line for the release.
I thought, wow, kinda rushed, kinda wasn't planning on going in the studio the first day of the year, but hey, what a way to start what I thought was gonna be a great year musically, lol.
So we went in. We recorded a new song, "Take you on a ride" and worked on a couple songs other songs and re sang/ remixed a couple others.
Great time, no dramas other then a couple days before going in the studio I got this crazy cough.
Terrible timing, but couldn't cancel due to timeline. We finished recording on time and everything was set...then everything started to "change".
Things I don't think anyone really expected or could understand at the time changed everyone's world regardless of their views, opinions etc.
I'm not here to debate or analysis. What I can say is we have some vinyl copies of the "Take U on a Ride" vinyl e.p. that was released for Record Store day. Comes with 3 stickers, new album artwork,
cancelled Warfield flyer and classic IG logo.
We'll be releasing those now as well as some more IG special releases soon (hope you were able to grab one of the sold out IG/ Dixxon flannels that we released some last week).
New banners, patches, stickers and limited edition signed decks.
And hopefully there will be more chances to see IG live again sooner than later :)
We'll have more updates and as always, Thanx for the support!
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1 comment

06 Jun 2022 Michael Schwarz


if you happen to have more copies for sale, please let me know: I am in need here in Germany.

Stay safe!

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