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by Lorenzo Meroni 12 Jul 2023 3 Comments
Super SToked on this one!
A while ago we started talking with Todd Lyons and SxEx Bikes about doing a collab. We quickly came up with what we all thought was gonna be a great bike. Then covid came and put the brakes on everything (pun intended).
Anyhow, this has been a hard one to keep a secret.
But now finally you can see what we've been waiting to show everyone!
Today is the official release of the SxEx/ SxTx Suicidal Ripper!
This is a limited edition. They got way more orders than bikes were made. Demand from dealers was huge.
We got over a hundred bikes. We sent out an email to the people on our mailing list in the states and we sold out before we did any posts.
We held 13. We are putting them up at 9AM PST, when this goes out to social media.
13 has always been lucky for us. Hopefully it will be for you.
If not, call your local bike shop asap and try and source one!
We're obviously happy at the great response so far, but again, this is a limited edition bike.
Also, we have a limited amount of SxTx/SxEx collab Bike Jersey's and gloves.
Thanks for the support. Thanks to everyone at SE BIKES for making this possible.
Also, if you already ordered your bike, they have been shipped out UPS and should be arriving any day, depending on where you live.
When you get the bike set up, please send us a photo.
STay STrong, STay Cyco!
And STay ready for some more upcoming surprises and tour date announcements.
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28 Dec 2023 Edgar Salas
cn we outsource to produce them in LatAm?
28 Jul 2023 arnaud maillard
Bonjour , combien coûte le vélo ?


28 Jul 2023 joel thompson
fan for life here! i ordered my bike as soon as i seen it was available! Thanks again for making this happen!

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