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by Lorenzo Meroni 03 Apr 2017 0 Comments

World Gone Mad French Tour starts tomorrow in Brest!
We also have a special signing session scheduled in Biarritz!
Show is already SOLD OUT so don't miss out your chance to meet the band at Biarritz Ink Shop starting 6.00pm and fueled by MonsterEnergy and MonsterMusic! 
Take all your memorabilia and anything you want the band to sign!
More World Gone Mad dates and special events announced soon see you all out there!
All confirmed dates HERE
4/4/2017 France Brest La Carène
4/5/2017 France Rennes l'Etage
4/6/2017 France Bordeaux Krakatoa
4/7/2017 France Clermont Ferrand la Coopé de Mai
4/8/2017 France Biarritz l'Atabal - SOLD OUT
4/11/2017 France Toulouse Le Bikini
4/12/2017 France Nîmes La Paloma
4/13/2017 France Nancy l'Autre Canal
4/14/2017 France Audincourt Impétus Festival
4/15/2017 Netherlands Schindel Paaspop festival
4/16/2017 France Reims la Cartonnerie


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