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by Lorenzo Meroni 27 Jun 2017 1 comment
The official LIVING FOR LIFE video has just been released!
The new video from the World Gone Mad LP has been Directed by Pep Williams, edited by Scott O'Malley for Guerilla Press and shot in various location between LA, several live shows and the unique Bastard bowl in Milan Italy last winter.
xxx   New SxTx E.P. coming out Fall 2017   xxx
Don't miss the signing session in Rome! After recording part of the video at the Bastard Bowl in Milan Italy, the band and Bastard will announce their limited edition collab merch along with a skate and siging session. All info HERE!
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1 comment

12 Sep 2017 Jay Krout

Hell yeah! Great video, killer band! I’ve been listening to these guys since the early 80s and catch them live whenever I can. I miss the infectious grooves tunes too! Good memories I have with ST music – live or recorded . Their energy is in my heart for life ST!

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