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"New Day Today, Tuesday" Part 3

by Lorenzo Meroni 09 Mar 2021 1 comment
It's week 3 of "New Day, Today, Tuesday".
FirST week got off to a great STart with Cyco Freud, and now after 4 attempts got them back in STock and ready to send to a new home.
LaST week we added the classic Lance Mountain Pool Skater windbreaker in Royal blue.
This week we have up a limited run of Charcoal Grey Dickies work shirt with the Ts-79 ST logo art design on back and small Suicidal Tendencies logo pocket print on front. Spring is on the way and hopefully things will be clearing up soon and we'll all get back to "work".
Available in sizes Small to XXXXL while they last!
For all those that ordered, thanx for the support and please feel free to send pictures of you wearing and repping your ST merch and of course tag us!
As always in these challenging times...STay Sane, STay Cyco! Until we pit again!
We are Family!
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1 comment

16 Mar 2021 Special K. .....jeff

Please bring another batch of workshirts.i tried to order as soon as I noticed the email, but all were gone. I was wanting 2 in 5×.....rock 🎸 on…..jk

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