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"New Day today, Tuesday". Cyco Freud.

by Lorenzo Meroni 23 Feb 2021 1 comment
It's the firST edition of "New Day today, Tuesday".
Every Tuesday we'll be dropping something new and or limited.
So what better to STart off then with a classic. If you haven't said it, you know you've thought it many times...
"I'm not're the one that's crazy"
In a world that seems to get crazier by the day, it's good to know you're one of the sane ones.
Confirmation (and gueST appearance) by non other then Sigmund Freud...or is he just quoting Cyco Miko?
Either way here's the newest t shirt drop, the Cyco Freud. Available in Black t shirt only, sizes Small to 5 XL.
Now available on line now.
STay Sane, STay Cyco.
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1 comment

02 Mar 2021 Greg smith

How can I get one of the beauties,, here in Australia… your out of stock !?

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