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by Lorenzo Meroni 24 Dec 2021 2 Comments
Happy CYCO Holidays to all our fans, supporters and familia worldwide!
We appreciated all your support especially during such complicated times.
Wish you all the best for this coming Christams and new year.
We'll see you out there in 2022!
Stay CYCO and happy CYCO Holidays!

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28 Jan 2022 Mike Noga

My first ST show was when you opened for Queensryche. The show I saw was in Cedar Rapids Iowa. You stole the show. I’ve been hooked ever since. You produce the best workout/running music! I could run through a brick wall listening to your jams. So stinking good. Im an older dude and I run half marathons. I was wondering if you would like to sponsor me and donate some sweet ST gear that I could wear when I’m out there busting it. Let me know if you can help. It would be great if you could, but I understand if you can’t. Either way. You can bring me down! Have a great 2022!

28 Jan 2022 Patrick T Rauch

52 today , been rockin’ out with ST for almost 36 yrs . And would just like to say THANK’S for all the years of music . Keep it CYCO ………

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