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by Lorenzo Meroni 13 Apr 2017 1 comment
We'll celebrate this coming Easter on the road and share it with our French CYCOS on our last show of the World Gone Mad French Tour in Reims!
Will you be around there? Grab your ticket and celebrate with us it's been an incredible tour so far!

But if you can't make it there or France is not in your agenda make sure to connect to our webstore as the EASTER SALE IS ON NOW!
By using discount code EASXTXER at checkout you'll be eligible for a 25% off the  items listed in the 'EASTER SALE 'Collection!

Most of the items listed are being discontinued so it's your chance to grab those with this amazing deal. Once out they're gone forever!
Jump to our webstore now and don't forget to check out all our confirmed tourdates!
Happy EaSxTxer!
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1 comment

14 Apr 2017 Tommy

Hello Suicidal and Stuff, This is a message for Mike (if you can transfer please) and all of you ! I’d like to thank you all.
I was in Bordeaux and concert was so good ! Thanx for the energy like in the past (I’ve seen STIG about 15 times). Thank you for letting me singing happy birthday last night even if my voice was a little uggly ahahah.
Mike, I told you that I could probably not be at the entire show just before the concert in Biarritz cause I’ll probably be father. In fact, just after this discussion, I had to go fast to maternity because it was the time ! I drive fast with the positive art of rebellion album to support mu wife and my future son. I refurb my ticket to a fan who was very happy (sold out show) !
It probably was an awesome show (like ever in Biarritz) but I’m now very happy with my family and my son ACHILLE.
(Sorry I wanted to send the photo with the little bandana but don’t find It in this page, lol).
Thank you again and see you in Hellfest !!!
Best regards !

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