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by Lorenzo Meroni 11 Nov 2022 0 Comments
It's a massive drop today for Suicidal Skates!
We're so happy to finally release this hidden gem.
The classic Possessed To Skate is finally available as a complete skateboard.
The artwork comes straight off the original from the 80's with absolutely no changes to provide the same exact image as drawn so many years ago.
We have also recreated the same shape for the deck off the original giving it just a more modern concave.
Fully assembled with fully customized SUICIDAL TENDENCIES Trucks (6.00"), SUICIDAL TENDENCIES POSSESSED TO SKATE wheels (59mm, 83A), grip tape and ready to be skated! Made by skateboarders for skateboarders.
Available in three different color stains.
Deck Specs: width 10.00", length 30.25".
... And most important. All our Skateboards and Skate Decks are now available to ship WORKLDWIDE with dedicated shipping rates for each different country.
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