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Artist Of The Month and New Day Tuesday, Tuesday Part 5

by Lorenzo Meroni 06 Apr 2021 1 comment
Today is a extra proud drop for us! Not only is it our "New Day, Today, Tuesday" drop, but it's also a special edition "Artist of the Month" combo.

If you saw the laST Facebook poST on April 3rd, it was announced on his 92nd Birthday, that the legendary "Mean Gene" Muir was being thanked for all his hard work and patience raising Jim and Mike Muir, and his contributions to both Dogtown Skates and Suicidal Tendencies.

When Mean Gene was teaching at various L.A. city schools, after work you'd find him packing orders, printing shirts, slanging merch at the old ST gigs, putting boards together at STreets of Venice, taking orders on the phone and doing customer service for Triple M amongst other things. You can even see him representing on the back cover of the "Welcome to Venice" album.

Mean Gene was a teacher in schools, but also in life. He taught us if you fall down, you get back's not where you from, it's where you're going...and if anyone looks down at you, prove them wrong!
A great example back in the day, and more relevant now then ever, we honor him with his own shirt, "Mean Gene is My Homeboy".

Hopefully things will get better sooner then later and as we move our lives forward and set back on our paths after this "reset", "Not so Mean Gene Anymore" looks forward to catching up with all the friends he's made over the years and looking forward to meeting up with the "New" generation of the DT and ST family!

So whether you meet him personally, at a show or skate contest, had him as a teacher or just heard some of the STories, Mean Gene is YOUR Homeboy!

Available now in Sizes Small to 5XL, The Mean Gene is my Homeboy shirt comes with a DT cross sticker and a 3"x 7" inch ST logo STicker.

Huge Thanks to...
Mean Gene for all the patience and inspiration.
Dixxon flannels for the ST collab flannel.
Dogtown Skates for the cuSTom DT vest.
Pep Williams for rushing from Mexico to take these classic photos.
Alan Pirie for dropping everything and coming up with the design concept last minute.
Tom and Trevor Edwards for making the screens and printing the shirts at the "Nuthouse Barn".
And of course Mean Gene for all the patience, inspiration, determination and great example!

LaSTly, shout out to everyone one that has STayed Cyco during these trying times!
We are Family! and Mean Gene is Your Homeboy!

P.S. "Pops" was super touched by all the birthday greetings you all gave him on Instagram/ facebook etc. and wanted to thank you all for kind words and great for a special bonus...Anyone that orders today, April 6th, just put "Mean Gene is My Homeboy" in the notes you will also get the Large 4"x 20" inch STicker added free to your order!
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1 comment

18 Nov 2021 Keith M Banks

Hey I’ve been down with you brothers in the ST crew since growing up in Norwalk,Ca in the early 80’s… ive never faded away…. I purchased the Mean Gene is my homie ,and received ,this bad ass shirt a while back,was wondering if i could one or two of those 4 × 20 stickers…i didnt know about them when i picked up shirt… thanks again..

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