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by Lorenzo Meroni 30 Jun 2020 2 Comments
With all that's going on it's hard to believe 2020 is now half way over! And safe to say no one really could have predicted where we would be now, and unfortunately it's been a very rough go for lots and sadly Covid has taken the health, lives and lively hood for way too many people.
So firST, we hope that everyone is safe and healthy and dealing with all their STruggles, challenges, and even opportunities as beST they can.
As for ST, we thought we would be on tour in Europe playing festivals. Unfortunately the music has stopped (literally), along with so many other things.

It doesn't look like "live" will be an option anytime soon. Some of the shows, tours and festivals that were postponed have and will be getting new dates for next year. We will keep you posted and more info comes and we definitely appreciate all the support that we have received over the years and especially now.

On a positive note, once again we want to remind you of the artist of the month for June was Villy Villian from Argentina. Villy did an amazing artistic interpretation of the song "War inside my Head". Please watch this video of her telling a showing a bit of the process of the making of the artwork.


You can still get the shirt and bandana of this and we did a LIMITED run of it in the black Basketball Jerseys that we cuSTom make. Check it out, and the previous artist of the months, and look out for many more upcoming special programs we are working on now.

The ArtiST Series collection:…/artist-series

LaSTly on this date June 30th, 1992 the ST album, "The Art of Rebellion" was released.
For the next Suicidal Records release will be a compilation which will include 2 new cover versions of songs that were on the record.

The band 22 Below from Holland did a new version of "Monopoly on Sorrow" and Nisha STar and her Brasilian band recorded a more semi-acoustic version of "Asleep at the Wheel". Our long time friend and amazing guitarist Tim STewart also played acoustic guitar on the song.

Tim STewart and Ricky Tillo will also be featured playing on a guitar inSTrumental track on this record. Other guitar instrumental tracks will be ST guitarists Dean Pleasants, who also recorded a video for his version of "This World" and Ben Weinman's version of "Happy Ever After".

And the bass will be featured with inSTrumental bass tracks by Ra Diaz, Josh Paul, Bubby Lewis and Saya Grey.

We will have more info on this project and all the people involved very soon.

Again thanx for the support, STay STrong, STay Cyco!

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04 Oct 2020 cycophil

After knowing that I suffer from a bloody disease that wil take monthes to cure it, all you’re news are precious for me to give me the strengh to STay in the Cyco familly

And I really hope that in 2021, I’d be at the Hellfest with my favorite Tee shirt from Lorenzo for the European Cyco Familly and wear it proudly ! Just like in 2017 (my last show)

Thanks for giving me strenght, and as I long my heart beats, I pledge my allegiance !

Never-fall as long as I try
Refuse-to be part of your lie
Even-if it means I die, you can’t bring me


06 Jul 2020 7

Thanks for the words, Mike! I’ve been Cyco with you guys from the very beginning! Thanks for all the years.
Keep the faith! ST for life!


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