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by Lorenzo Meroni 16 Nov 2015 0 Comments
We have been working pretty hard on our skateboard section and we're very happy to post some info finally.
First of all. We're stocked on the launch of the DogTown section on our webstore! Make sure to stop by as we're carrying a limited run of items and some come in very limited stock.
So let's all welcome the DxTx family in our rooster : Hope For The Best, Expect The Worst. It's A Dogs Life!
Suicidal Skates. All our decks have been fully restocked, all colors, all sizes all styles!
Also make sure to check the new one we have just released, the Possessed To Skate deck now comes also as a street deck, three colors-three sizes, new SUICIDAL cruiser is finally in and much more!
...And I'm personally stocked to announce that the Suicidal Skates Mike Vallely collaboration decks are finally in stock as well.
When legends meet these gems get to life for all the world to enjoy. Just a first drop of our collaboration decks to come.
A personal thanx to MikeM, MikeV and Jim Muir to make this all happen.
Grab yours before they're gone!
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