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Welcome to the new SUICIDAL TENDENCIES STore!

by Lorenzo Meroni 24 Feb 2015 0 Comments

Welcome to the official SUICIDAL TENDENCIES web store. Your only stop to buy your original CYCO gear straight out of Venice, CA USA.

SUICIDAL TENDENCIES started as a band more then thirty years ago, from hand written T-shirts and Flip Hats up to today its merchandise still represent a music style, attitude and lifestyle that is STronger then ever and continues to grow larger every year with each new generation of Cycos!

We want this to be more then just a web store but a place where you can feel part of our own unique family so make sure to check back often and don't miss our BLOG posts.

And once again welcome to the CYCO FAMILIA.

Look good, feel good. Wear your SxTx gear with pride!

Suicidal for Life!

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