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by Lorenzo Meroni 17 May 2016 1 comment
It was May 1987, when for the first time ever a 'non skater' had the privilege to be on the cover of the classic @tharshermag : Mike Muir of Suicidal Tendencies made it.
With more then 30 years career and going, on May 13th 2016 Suicidal Tendencies has been inducted to the Skateboarding Hall Of Fame with the icon award. A circle has been closed.
In Mike's own words, nothing else needs to be added :
"It’s hard for kids to understand that there was a time when skateboarding wasn’t on cereal boxes and there were no X Games or anything like that. There weren’t even cameras around. People were just trying things on their own and some of it was unbelievable. I’ve been fortunate to have had a lot of friends that were skateboarders. Having Lance Mountain draw one of the first Suicidal shirts was huge. Punk rockers said we weren’t punk and metal people said we weren’t metal, but Suicidal kind of became a soundtrack for a lot of skaters. They were the first people to get into the band. When we got asked to do the cover, kinda the first not-pro skateboarder to be on it, it was a huge honor. It was definitely a highlight and I’m very proud of it"
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1 comment

14 Dec 2016 Jsn

Not sure how I missed this but, congratulations ST! Y’all punk n metal enough to deserve it.

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