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by Lorenzo Meroni 10 Jan 2022 1 commentaire
 Nous accueillons 2022 avec notre premier drop !
Nos nouveaux sweats à capuche Zip Up « The Kings » sont disponibles dès maintenant !

Le logo Kings Suicidal Tendencies au dos de cette polaire d'épaisseur moyenne avec une coupe régulière.
Logo brique ST sur les deux manches ainsi que logo ST classique sur le devant.
Sweat Hanes EcoSmart Zip Up avec coton pré-rétréci 50/50. Coupe régulière.
Commencez votre 2022 à la manière CYCO. J'espère que vous avez tous passé de bonnes vacances et que vous avez réussi à rester en sécurité et en bonne santé. Bonne année CYCO !

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1 commentaire

09 Mar 2022 Nikki Nicolulis

Fuck Yeah!! Your a huge part of my Best/worst teenage years, to this day, still listening!!..Growing up in Southern California O’side and San Marcos. Punk Rock Girl hanging with the Big Boys, in Oside..not the lame Chicks. I Thank You ,for The Soundtrack to My Life.. ironically, certain songs have come full circle.. from 1985 to 2022.. sorry 1983 I was 11 listening to Black Flag ,Dr know, Dk.. tsol yes Madonna ha ha Once again it’s come full circle. I still can relate, I still sort through my Thoughts solve the world’s problems listening to you full blast, flipping off the people who are supposed to love and respect you, being so judgemental.. Straight out, I’m 49 years old, I’m a Hairstylist live a simple life.. I had a favorite Cousin Judging me for nothing during lockdown covid.. seriously crushing my soul.. so out of no where and for nothing.. After she blasted me at my work, I kept my mouth shut, untill the minute I escorted her judgmental ass out the door, I literally told her Straight out, No Lie, I smiled and I told her.. wow.. I wanted was a Pepsi.. she looked at me with her stupid face.. like WTF…she still has no clue what I was saying.. ⚡ Suicidal NIKKI

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