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durch Lorenzo Meroni 07 Apr 2017 3 Kommentare
Jetzt weiß ich, dass Sie alle sich wünschen, Sie könnten jetzt in Frankreich sein, um diese Shows zu sehen ... Und wenn nicht, dann ist hier etwas für Sie.
Wir bringen diese extrem limitierte Auflage von ORIGINAL FRIENDS & FAMILY T-Shirts und YEAR OF THE CYCOS 2008 TOUR CREW NECKS heraus!

FRIENDS & FAMILY erschien bereits im Herbst 1997 als erste Veröffentlichung nach der Wiedervereinigung der Band. Dieses Original-T-Shirt wurde zur Unterstützung des Albums produziert und war NIE wieder erhältlich ... bis JETZT!
Kunstwerk von unserem eigenen Jason „Clown“ Brown!

Der 2008 TOUR CREW NECK war einer der meistverkauften Artikel während der World Wide Tour im Jahr der Cycos und ist JETZT wieder für Sie alle vorrätig!
Eine sehr begrenzte Auflage dieser beiden Juwelen steht jetzt allen Fans zur Verfügung. Schnappen Sie sich unbedingt eines, bevor es weg ist!

...Und schauen Sie sich den Bereich EINMALIG UND LIMITIERT an, da auch eine Reihe anderer limitierter Artikel veröffentlicht wurden!
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3 Kommentare

19 Apr 2017 SxTx ADMIN

Regina, we’re running a brand new line for girls check all details here :

17 Apr 2017 Regina Rodriguez

No medium in the Friends and Family T???

Can we get some girls Tanks or muscle Ts in some of the other designs.?? (XL)

Thanks ?

13 Apr 2017 Otis Smith

Thx for keeping the Cyco going all these years!!!
Suicidal has kept me going during all my ups and downs of life. Been a Suicidal Cyco Army Freak for 34 YEARS now!!! Yes, 34!!! Been proudly displaying stickers, shirts, tagging, battle jacket patches(some were even homemade), & of course always bragging & blaring Suicidal Tendencies on whatever I had possible to play it on!!! To be honest, a couple bands are close but Suicidal is the ONLY band I’ve stuck with proudly & passionately beside for all these years!!! I’ve not once gave up on you or talked down upon or even let anyone even try to put Suicidal down!!!
This is a TRUE story and I’m not F*CKING with you to make it sound good! I just want to say Thank You for never giving up & giving us metalhead-punk outcasts something we could connect to!!! You probably never stopped to think about how POWERFUL the music of Suicidal Tendencies actually was & still is!!! The masterpieces has helped a lot of people that felt they couldn’t handle societies prejudiced way they had that was against all Metalhead, Punks, Hippies, Skaters, D&D Addicts, & anyone that didnt fit into the straight laced suit & tie workers that were churchaholics!!! Suicidal gave us teens then…now 45 year old something to look up to that made us feel NORMAL!!! Everyone else was the Freaks, Outcasts, Oddballs, and all the other names that described the F*CKED UP people that made all of us Suicidal Cyco Army Family feel unwanted and s disgrace to society! THANK YOU soo much for giving all of us the FUEL that lit that FIRE in all us that we needed to fight back against societies screwed up prejudice system the U.S.A.
Now look at this country…people like Suicidal Tendencies, Slayer, Testament, Misfits w/Glen Danzig(the ONLY Misfits), & so on are the bands that are in the mainstream(NOT talking about POP music either)!!! All thanks to the people of Suicidal Tendencies type of bands that never gave up and made music about what they believed in or just wanted to give society 1 Big F*UCK YOU!!! Then, laugh at them while keeping a huge smile on your face!!! It sucks that I’ve listened & passionately supported the Cyco Army for over 30 years and have NEVER been able to see a Suicidal Shiw because they gave never came close enough to go see or was so piss poor broke & couldn’t afford the tickets!!! One day before they bury me I WILL see you all play Live!!! It might make you feel all weird but dont let it cause its just a stupid bucket list thing….Seeing or meeting you Mike Muir along with the band would be s major bucket list check off! Im sure I am NOT the only person that feels like this about all your killer masterpieces that made all of us screwed up in the brain Hold Our Heads Up High & Feel Proud!!!
Sorry about the book but words doesn’t even begin how your music has helped the shitty society we always have had!!!
Please do NOT stop making masterpieces!
Once again, Thank You!!!

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