Suicidal Skates - CycoVision Popsicle Complete Skateboard (Shipping Charges Included)

Suicidal Skates - Suicidal Tendencies CycoVison Complete Skateboard!

A classic Popsicle complete skateboard to cover any skating needs!

Fully assembled with fully customized SUICIDAL TENDENCIES Trucks (5.25"), SUICIDAL TENDENCIES POSSESSED TO SKATE wheels (54mm, 95A), griptape and ready to be skated! Made by skateboarders for skateboarders.

Deck Specs:

width 8"
length 32.25"
nose 7"
tail 6.75"
wheelbase 14.25"

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Brian Cooper
Gift for my son

He says awesome board with amazing artwork. I’ve been an ST fan since early 80s. Took my son to a couple of shows in the 2010s and now another member of the Family!

SxTx SK8

Tried to locate SxTx & DOGTOWN boards locally, w/no luck.
Worth paying my soul for!🤘🏿

Edward Gomez

If you don’t grab one of these your crazy MAN !!!! If your a real Suicidal Maniac and your possessed to skate you need a board from the DogTown !!!