SOLD OUT - World Gone Mad - POPSICLE SKATE DECK (Shipping Charges Included)

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SOLD OUT - World Gone Mad - POPSICLE SKATE DECK (Shipping Charges Included)

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On September 30th 2016 the legendary punk/thrash icons SUICIDAL TENDENCIES will release the follow up to their latest effort ‘13’. WORLD GONE MAD is 11 songs that are Cyco and brutal with a true honesty that Suicidal Cycos expect (the CD starts off with the instantly memorable “ Clap like Ozzy”, which deals with life and death and what we make of it). Never afraid to push the boundaries, this album also features those unique elements that Suicidal has always put in their studio releases throughout their almost 35 years career.

Suicidal Skates celebrates the new release with a limited edition Street deck with mellow concave. Comes with World Gone Mad sticker!

width 8"
length 32.25"
nose 7"
tail 6.75"
wheelbase 14.25" 

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