ST OG Bandana

Bandana - Suicidal Tendencies

ST OG Bandana.

The classic Suicidal Tendencies bandana. 100% cotton made in U.S. of A.!

Classic ST x pattern. The original OG.

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Love the blue ST OG Bandana!

I wear it every day at work and love it so much that I had to grab a couple more. I had a fan notice it and tell me their story of running into ST at a hotel bar. Sick! I hope to meet them someday. ^-^


It’s quite expensive for only one bandana. But it looks like it will last longer the $1 bandanas. It’s also not soft as a regular bandana either. More like fashion material than soaking up water and wiping your hands.

Matthew LaFountain
Freakin perfect!

So glad I got a new set of bandanas! Shipped real quick and will last for years!!


It's a great size and good print pattern. Just what I was after

Daniel Torres daza
compliance and quallity

compliance and quallity

Tom Denesik
Cyco as fux!!! sweet hat and bandana and h...

Cyco as fux!!! sweet hat and bandana and honestly the fasted delivery time from the states to nz I've ever experienced.

1998 Alrosa Villa

I was at the 98 show at the villa. It was bad a$$ It was my first concert and it was life changing . I had the og blue Bandana and the whole band signed it. When my ex wife and I separated she kept it ! I am still upset about it and is the one thing I always try to get back . I wasn’t worried about my tools or my Race car and truck etc etc. Just my concert memorabilia especially that bandana ! I’ll have to make sure I snag a few

Vanessa White
Product is exactly as pictured and the S&H...

Product is exactly as pictured and the S&H was very fast during the holiday season.

Ares Osinski
This review has no content.

This review has no content.

Miguel Penilla
Always SxTx

I could proudly say that I was the first guy in Colombia who got an original set of bandanas and og flip up hats, back in the early 90´s...I´ve loved them ever since and every time I can I get some new ones to replace the worn out ones. A few months ago I asked a friend of mine who was coming from the states to order some bandanas for me, living n Colombia it´s way easier, cheaper and safer to have somebody to bring them from the states. Great bandanas as usual, but this time I noticed the bandanas faded a bit after the first couple uses and the white parts got a bit smeared with the blue dye...not sure the reason why, nothing real bad, but that never hapened before, I recently asked another friend of mine who´s coming to visit next month to order another batch for me, hopefully it wont happen again, anyways I still love my bandanas, very cool stuff, always loved SxTx since the first time, back in 1986, always SxTx!!!!!!!