SOLD OUT - Wall Banner - Feel Like Shit Classic Artwork

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Suicidal Tendencies Wall Banner - Feel Like Shit Classic Artwork

Hang a piece of Cyco history to your wall. Off our new collection here's classic Feel Like Shit era artwork banner in high quality 100% poly. 

Size : 36"x36" - With metal rings in each corner

Customer Reviews

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Dice Wolfgang Von Munster

Long, long time Suicidal fan, seen ST 19 times, met mike he even played the song I requested which was trip at the brain.. 19 suicidal pits later tore my ACL 🤘🏼…anyways…
I’ve ordered a few banners from SxTx and too say the least, they are fuckin’ bad ass! They are hanging in my gym area and gives that extra bit of motivation.


Gennifer Horn ( Cyco Genny)
I AM your #1 Cyco Patient.

You know you've helped a whole lot of people get the therapy they need. The first time I heard How will I laugh I was like " wow he put all my feelings in words" just to know that someone else was going through the same shiit I was. I've got to see you guys 2 times, made it on stage both times! Mike you have a beautiful voice! Have you ever done vocals only?? Love vs. Loneliness would be my pick. Dean you were my friend on Facebook when I was Cyco Genny someone erased my account, I was so stoked over the pick you have me Lombardo world's most famous drummer. Ra got a pic with you.